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The National Youth Festival in India is an annual gathering of youth with various activities including competitive ones. It is organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India in collaboration with State Governments.

The centre of the festival focuses on cultural aspects and a number of other programmes covering a wide variety of activities, Besides all this, this festival provides a nationwide exposure to the youth for the expression and fulfillment of their cultural talents and aspirations.



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  •   KCD Ground
      16th Jan, 2023


About the cities:

Hubballi and Dharwad are twin cities in the Indian state of Karnataka. Hubballi-Dharwad form the second-largest municipality of Karnataka in terms of area, after capital city Bengaluru and second largest city in Karnataka state. Hubballi–Dharwad makes up for the second largest urban agglomeration in the state after capital city. While Dharwad is the administrative headquarters, the city of Hubballi, situated about 20 kms south-east of Dharwad, is the commercial centre and business hub of North Karnataka.

Tourist places of Hubballi and Dharwad:

Chandramouleshwara Temple Unkal:

Chandramouleshwara Temple at Unkal, the Chalukya architectural monument located in the suburbs of Hubbali, it is one of the good examples of the Chalukya Architecture. Chandramouleshwara the exquisite 900-year-old temple, It is not less than marvel when compared any popular tourist destination like the famous Chennakeshava Temple of Belur. Unlike other Shiva temples in the North Karnataka region, the Chandramouleshwara Temple has four doors in as many directions besides two big Shivalingas. The temple has sculpted walls and pillars of black granite stones. Images of dancing Lord Ganesha and jaalandhra at Chandramouleshwara Temple are a visual delight. The architectural style that developed in this part is known as the Chalukya style. The temples were built by teams of architects, artists, sculptors and masons, who remain anonymous. The presence of two 12th-century stone inscriptions in Unkal village show that the temple belongs to 11th or 12th century.

Tamboor Basavanna Temple Kalaghatagi:

Tamboor is an important center of pilgrimage for people of the Lingayat faith. The Temple of Basavanna, one of the most revered saints of the Lingayat faith lies here. In the 12th century, the Chalukya and Ganga dynasties ruled there. The Tamboor jathre or congregations attracts pilgrims from all over Karnataka as one of the major community or ‘panchamsali lingayaths’ are large number devoted here visiting regularly. Tamboor (Tambur) Basavanna temple is situated 11 km from Kalghatgi, at the end of Devikoppa Forest.Tamboor is located at Western Ghats. Thick forests here hold tigers, chital, elephant, sarang, cobra, and other wildlife. Transport: better to travel in one’s own vehicle. Three daily buses and tempos traveling via Devikoppa from Kalghatgi, Hubballi, Dharwad and Yellapur. View More



Mindful Mornings (06:00 AM to 08:00 AM)

The youth will be provided an opportunity to attend Meditation & Yoga Workshops with a view to inculcate and promote healthy habits in them.

Youth Summit (10:00 AM to 01:00 PM)

In this session, the participating youth will get an opportunity to learn through he keynote address of eminent persons and also to express their views on the day-wise topics identified on concurrent global issues which are as under:

Day 1 Theme - "Future of work, Industry, Innovation and 21st Century Skills"

Sub Themes / Topics:

  • i) New Education Policy
  • ii) Start-up India Policy

Day 2 Theme - "Climate change and disaster-risk-reduction"

Sub Themes / Topics:

  • i) Mission life (Solar Energy)
  • ii) Conservation of water

Day 3 Theme - "Peace building and Reconciliation"

Sub Themes / Topics:

  • i) Conflict Resolution
  • ii) India the mother of Democracy

Day 4 Theme - "Shared future - youth in democracy and governance"

Sub Themes / Topics:

  • i) Student Centric Governance
  • ii) Digital India

Day 5 Theme - "Health & Wellbeing"

Sub Themes / Topics:

  • i) Mental fitness
  • ii) Ayush

Indigenous Sport Awareness (02:30 PM to 05:00 PM)

The youth will participate in Indigenous Games and Martial Arts (IGMA) such as

  • Kalaripayatu from Kerala
  • Malkhamb from Maharastra
  • Silambam from Tamil Nadu
  • Mukna and Thangta from Imphal
  • Kabaddi from Telengana
  • Khomlainai from Assam
  • Archery from Jharkhand
  • Gatka from Punjab
  • Stone Lifting from Karnataka

Cultural Celebrations and Homestays (7:00 PM onwards)

In this phase of the day, there will be a culture-based entertainment offering to the various attendees, including multicultural food, arts, dance, and music events.